The Lion in the Living Room



Wes was playing in the living room and I was sitting on the floor intermittently playing with him and working on his blog.  He starts making his lion/zombie noise so I look over and he’s crawling towards me.  His moves are so deliberate.  One arm moves, lion noise.  One leg moves, lion noise.  It was adorable!  He was headed straight for me, this ferocious little lion!

And then it happened.  Mid-crawl.  Loud, juicy business was heard from his diaper area.  He froze.  He looked at me, I looked at him, our eyes locked.

I said “we should probably go take care of that huh?”.  He would not move.

I put the computer down and picked him up, hot potato style (you know, holding him by his sides, far away from me), and we booked it upstairs to the changing table.

Yeah, this is one of those side effects from chemo that most people don’t know about.  Well, actually the side effect from chemo is constipation.  So to battle that, they gave us meds to give him that keep things…, moving?  They worked a little too well these last few days so we are backing off them a bit.


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