Congratulations! You’ve won a week of seclusion!


This is the beginning of the 5 days or so that Wes’ white blood cell count is so low that he is extremely immune compromised.  Doctors have advised us to stay home during this time, and limit visitors to only super healthy adults who aren’t around kids.  So, that is no one we know.  *smiles*

We spent the weekend the best we could – birthday party for Wes’ best friend Gigi (can’t believe she is one already!) and lots of family time.  I got out of the house for a little bit while I could and visited a friend’s new baby (so tiny compared to Wes!), went for a walk with a friend near all kinds of farms and barns (doctors say Wes shouldn’t walk near farms and barns on days when it’s windy because of mold/fungus spores), and stocked up on craft materials at Michael’s.  I am determined to make at least 3 things off Pinterest this week!

This week could see a more tired Wes, and we have to watch for signs that his body is getting too low on blood cells such as red spots on his skin or bruises.  Interesting fact – white blood cells are what mounts an attack when you are sick.  They are what makes up the snot in your runny nose, the redness around your cut.  So when Wes is low on white blood cells, his body won’t be able to do any of those things.  The only way we would know he was sick is if he had a fever.  That is all his body will be able to do to muster a fight is make a fever.

We will keep everyone posted on how the week goes!  I am going to start blogging regularly – you will see something from us on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays!

This was Wes at 7am this morning.  Doesn’t look tired to me!


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  1. We’ve never met but I found your blog through a friend on Facebook. We are “frequent flyers” at AFCH with my oldest two kiddos….we feel so incredibly blessed that we live close to a wonderful medical facility that has kept us from having to travel for the past 8 years. Wes is in great hands!! My prayers are with you as you walk this journey!

    • Cori – I am so sad to hear that you are frequent flyers at AFCH. I am so grateful that the hospital is there, but I wish people didn’t have to spend time there. We will think of you often as well.

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