Baby’s Firsts


Guess what?  Wes has his first tooth!

I thought a lot this weekend about his “firsts”.

I am trying to journal all the dates that he first started army crawling across the floor, pulled himself up to standing, learned how to sit back down from standing.

Over the last few days I caught myself feeling sorry for him/us about the “firsts” he will miss this year – no going to an apple orchard, no going to a pumpkin patch to pick out his first pumpkin (both are ill-advised from the doctors because of the risk of mold/fungus in farm/barn settings), no trip to Michigan to do Thanksgiving with the Schuldies’ and Wells families (can’t get too far from the Children’s Hospital), no big crazy loud Christmas with the Merrills (too many people in an enclosed setting over winter with potential colds/flu), no New Year’s Eve with the Roddas.

But I quickly get over those “woe is me” moments by thinking of all the firsts we have had in the last few weeks and all the firsts he will have in the next 6 months or so……..

This is the first time I am a stay at home mom.  And while it is challenging at times, it is amazing and wonderful most of the time.  I am the first smiling face Wes sees in the morning, the person who knows his favorite song (Peanut Butter and Jelly by Old Town School of Folk Music), the one who is helping him learn how to walk around the perimeter of furniture while holding on.  And I can never, I repeat NEVER thank my business partner Nate enough for this opportunity.  One of the greatest gifts we will receive during this difficult time in our lives is this time.  This time for me to spend with Wes is priceless.  Literally.  Not like Biden’s “literally”, but literally. Priceless.

Wes will have applesauce made from scratch from apples from a local orchard, even though he didn’t go to the orchard.

He will have his first Thanksgiving, it will just be smaller and he will have to see his Schuldies and Wells family members on Skype.  And he will experience his first Friendsgiving – this is where we get together with our closest friends and do our “family” Thanksgiving.

He will have his first Christmas, it will just be a more intimate event and those who attend will have to go through a health screening before arriving.

He has already experienced a Skype call with some of the Roddas, and I am sure there will be more.  We will have a fun New Year’s Eve here at home and we’ll do New Year’s Eve with the Roddas next year.

He went swinging for the first time last Friday.  I have never seen him quite so ecstatic.  And if I wasn’t a stay at home mom, I might not have been the one to see him swing for the first time.  Thank you Nate.


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