Heart strings and explosions – by Mary Shelley Schuldies


This post is written by Wes’ paternal grandmother Mary Shelley Schuldies.  We are so lucky to have lots of family living close to us.  But to have his grandma Mary take care of him three days a week from the time he was three months old is an incredible blessing.  Wes and his grandma Mary have an incredible bond.  This time with her is something that will impact his life forever.


When Angie asked me to write something about Westley, I told her I didn’t know if I could put my feelings on paper.  In another post she talked about Wes’ firsts.  I am going to talk about MY firsts.  The first time I saw Westley he grabbed hold of my heart strings.  When I held him for the first time, I knew it was the kind of love only a grandmother can feel.  When he looked into my eyes for the first time, I knew he knew he had me.  When he smiled at me for the first time my heart nearly exploded with love.

I felt honored when Angie and Jake asked me to be Wes’ caregiver when Angie was at work.  I got down on the floor and played with him, we blew bubbles, sang songs, read books, and I held him while he slept.

When I heard the words “he has cancer”, it was devastating.  But it wasn’t the first time.  Thirty-two years ago I heard those same words about my son Jake when he was a toddler.  It felt like those three little words ripped my heart out.  Life was going to be different for us.  And it was.  But we made it through and I know we were all better people for it.

The tears I shed now are not only for Wes, but also for Jake and Angie.  I know the journey they have ahead of them will be difficult.  But I also know that Wes will grow up to be a kind, sweet, intelligent, and caring man just like his daddy.

I love you Westley, as only a grandma can.


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