Paying It Forward


The benefit is coming up next week, and Jenny’s post earlier this week had a large fundraising component.

All of which I am super uncomfortable with.  I am the giver, the helper, the fixer, the do-er.  I am not the taker, the feel-sorry-for-her, the one in need.

But I do recognize that we need help.  This beast Cancer is bigger than just our little family can fight by ourselves.

Still uncomfortable.

So, this is my plan to still stand tall and accept this help.

We are keeping track of every kindness, every dollar, and every item donated.  And we will pay it all back.  We are going to pass those kindnesses on to other families in need at the hospital, in our community, and across the country.  There will be meals, pet-watching, scrap-booking type memory catching gifts, gas gift cards.  We will pay every dollar back by donating that amount to childhood cancer awareness and research groups, the American Family Children’s Hospital, and the Badger Childhood Cancer Network.  And we will thank the businesses that donated to the benefit by choosing to spend our dollars at their businesses and spreading the word about their kindness so others will be inclined to spend their dollars at those businesses.

Please see the separate post that has a list of businesses that have supported us, and please choose them when you are looking to spend your dollars.  I will continue to update that post, and you can refer back to it at any time.  Print it out, take it with you, pass it on to friends.

Thank You.  Thank you for helping us keep our chin up.


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