I Wear My Sunglasses At Night


Do you know what the next line of that song is?  Yeah, me either.  But man I can jam to that song!

Earlier this week I was in the car without the baby (a very rare happening!) and the first thing I did was turn the radio up really loud and jam out, singing loud and doing some chair dancing.  Oh, like you don’t do it!

Anyhoo.  It made me think about how much I love music and use it to help my mood.

That being said, I probably couldn’t tell you the name of the band that sings some of my favorite songs.  Or the name of the songs for that matter, especially when the artist gets all deep and calls the song something that doesn’t even appear in the song anywhere.  Just pick a phrase from the chorus man!  And I can’t always sing the song for you to jog your memory of what song I am talking about – partly because I can’t carry a tune, but also because I have that affliction where you can’t remember the lyrics if the song isn’t playing.

Music is such a huge part of my mood.  A good soulful song when you are feeling down, children’s songs when I am trying to distract Wes at the doctor or during a clothes change (this kid hates getting his clothes changed), a song I know all the words to so I can sing it loud when I am on a road trip and getting sleepy while driving, a fun and upbeat song when I am doing a chore I don’t like such as gardening or cleaning.

In fact, music is such a huge part of my day to day mental well-being that it is the reason why Jake and I met.  Let me share the story with you.

I had dated some good guys and it didn’t work, dated some jerks, and kind of lost myself in each one.  Think “Runaway Bride”, only for me it was music so I liked the music the guy I was dating at the time liked.  After a string of jerks, my best friend Jenny sat me down and had a difficult conversation with me and told me I needed to be single for a while and find myself.  I objected of course, and there was a tense couple days between us.  Then I realized she was right.  In my journey to find myself I ended up running a marathon – and please understand I almost failed out of PE in high school so that gives you an idea of my aversion to exercise.  I bought a car, I went to restaurants by myself, movies by myself, the zoo by myself.  Okay, maybe it was only one restaurant and one movie, but you get the point.  After about 6 months I decided to put a profile on Match.com and just have some fun, no hopes for meeting the man of my dreams.  In my profile I talked about the game Zobmondo and my favorite question from the game.

For those of you unfamiliar with Zobmondo, it is the game of choices.  Some of them horrible.  Example – would you rather eat a tablespoon of a stranger’s nail clippings or chest hair?  Yeah, horrible choice.  But some of them are fun.  Would you rather have mood music or mood lighting EVERY time you walked into a room for the REST of your life?  That is the question I put in my Match.com profile.  And my answer was, and still is, mood music.  It would be Prince’s “Kiss”.  Come on, you have to be in a good mood when you hear that song!

And Jake responded to that ad, knew what Zobmondo was, liked Prince, and made me laugh.  We emailed back and forth a couple times, talked on the phone a couple times, met in a public place, and we were both madly in love by the time we had our second date.

I love and respect my best friend so much for having that conversation with me.

Jake and I have some bands that we both like, but we also each have music we like that the other does not.

This is my song for Wes when we are in the hospital:


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